Jennifer Sharber, President

Jennifer is the President of Keeping It, a full charge bookkeeping firm that empowers small business owners to achieve their dreams without the burden of keeping up with their day-to-day bookkeeping. Jennifer is a hands-on owner and is fully invested in the transparency and growth of small business.

In addition to her 15+ years of full charge bookkeeping experience, Jennifer has an MBA with a concentration of Entrepreneurship. This lends her, not only the experience, but also the education relevant to small business. She currently is the owner of two small businesses and has been successful in business for 14 years. Her heart is happiest when she has a part in empowering entrepreneurs, like herself, to realize their dreams while achieving and maintaining growth.

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, two dogs and traveling. With most entrepreneurial spirits, she’s never off the clock – she understands the demands of being available to both her clients and employees 24/7.

While Jennifer was raised as an active duty Air Force dependent, she’s lived in Bowling Green, Kentucky since 1995, where she currently calls home.


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